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"I Dropped 75 Pounds and Reclaimed My Life and Body!"

A few months ago, I toppped out at 209.

The old me

But yesterday at my appointment the nurse weighed me in at 134.

My doctor was surprised and said he was very proud of me, I burst into tears because…

it reminded me of the all the successes and failures I experienced throughout this journey…

I used to eat healthy and walk a few miles a day... but it didn't help.

My larger self stayed the same, and...

I thought nothing would ever work for me. Until...​

My doctor friend Katherine passed me a note and shared with me the simple 7-Second Blue Tonic that kick-started my metabolic system into overdrive... locking my body into its 24/7 “burning” mode.

The NEW me

I didn’t expect the transformation I've achieved. It's nothing short of amazing.

And I only had to change ONE ingredient!

In just a few months, a ‘new me’ emerged, after I learned how to trigger my metabolic hormones to slim down

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